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The Himalaya Project


This research work aimed at elucidating two main questions: (1) Is there a fabric in the mid-crustal plutons that is related to the kinematics of the subduction system and (2) which deformation mechanisms were involved during the arc evolution. To constrain the geological setting, detailed mapping and structural traverses were carried out in the Indus region of NW Pakistan. Petrological and geochemical analyses were conducted on key lithologies to identify the magma origin and the metamorphic evolution. Geochronological measurements were carried out to provide time constraints on the magmatic (U/Pb on zircon) and exhumation (Fission Track on zircon and apatite) histories. Structural analysis of shear zones and paleostress analysis on faults document the deformation history of the southern (and former lower) part of the KAC.

(Zeilinger et al., 2007; Arbaret et al., 2000; Schaltegger et al., 2002; Zeilinger et al., 2000, Burg et al., 2005)

Doctoral Thesis: 

Structural and geochronological study of the lowest Kohistan complex, Indus Kohistan region in Pakistan, NW Himalaya Diss., Naturwissenschaften ETH Zürich, Nr. 14421, 2002

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Geological map of the Jijal-Dasu region, Indus Kohistan, NW Pakistan (15669 KB)

Reconnaissance geological map 1:75.000 (1188 KB)

Geological sections 1:50.000 (1772 KB)

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3D View of Geological Map (requires VRML plugin: Cortona VRML or BS Contact VRML )


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