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Nanga Parbat

Research Interest

During my research I concentrated on studies e.g. on the facies and deformation of an intramontane basin in the Alps (Zeilinger et al., 1999), on structures and geochronology of the Kohistan complex in the Himalayas (Arbaret et al., 2000; Schaltegger et al., 2002; Zeilinger et al., 2000, Burg et al., 2005), on the incision of valleys and their potential influence on upper-crustal deformation and on the evolution of drainage systems in the Andes (Zeilinger & Schlunegger, 2007; Zeilinger et al., 2005, Schlunegger et al., 2006).
My research interest is on possible feedback mechanisms between surface erosion and strain accumulation. An integrated study in the Andes showed how surface erosion focused strain accumulation on the Oxaya Anticline in northern Chile (Zeilinger et al., 2005).
Previous to the study in the Andes, I studied the deformational evolution at mid-lower crustal level with special emphasis on structures acquired during early arc formation stage and later deformation mechanism during arc - continent collision in the Himalaya (Zeilinger et al., 2007; Burg et al., 2005; Zeilinger et al., 2000).
I am experienced in tectonic geomorphology with a strong background in structural geology and additional expertise in geochronology (U/Pb dating on zircons and FT-dating), petrology (PT estimates), sedimentology (provenance studies and evolution of sedimentary fans), geophysics (earthquake fault plane solutions and seismicity), geochemistry (tectonic discrimination and spatial/chrono-logical trends) and photogrammetry (surface erosion analysis).


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