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Nanga Parbat

Structural Geology

My general research interest is focused on deformation processes, structures at various scales and their implication for regional tectonics (e.g. Alpine Project). Throughout my studies I combined the results of my field-based structural analyses with the results I achieved together with collaborators in various disciplines.  This included U/Pb dating on zircons and FT-dating in geochronology, PT estimates in petrology, provenance studies and evolution of sedimentary fans in sedimentology, earthquake fault plane solutions and seismicity in geophysics, tectonic discrimination and spatial/chronological trends in geochemical evolution in arcs in geochemistry and fault recognition and digital elevation analysis in remote sensing.

With this concept of integrating various disciplines the following was achieved: 1) a more complete picture of regional geological aspects and 2) documentation of the complex interaction between different processes and phenomena (e.g. metamorphism, tectonic overpressures, exhumation, alteration by percolation of melts and fluids) and its links with tectonic/structural processes.

My specific interest goes for paleo-island arcs and their accretion history (The Himalaya Project, Arbaret et al., 2000; Schaltegger et al., 2002; Zeilinger et al., 2000, Burg et al., 2005, Zeilinger et al., 2007). Their study can provide valuable data and understanding for today’s convergent margins, where neotectonics is a significant factor. In view of the fact that neotectonics is forming the landscape significantly at these highly dynamic settings, my explicit research interest focus on the effects of Tectonics on Geomorphology and vice versa.

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